About Us

Welcome To Wes Adhesives! We are an industrial adhesive and equipment distribution company based in Texas, that serves the southern and central areas of the United States, as well as Mexico. With over 75 years of combined experience Wes Adhesives, Inc. has become a leader in the adhesive industry. Our main commitment is to exceed all expectations of our customers by continuously providing the highest level of service offered within the adhesive industry.

We have offices in Houston, and Dallas, TX. We carry many different types of hot melt adhesives, cold glues, glue dots, epoxies, aerosols, and instant adhesives. We also sell adhesive application equipment for hot melts, cold glues, epoxies, instant adhesives, Glue Dots® dispensing equipment, conveyor systems, diaphragm pumps, pail/drum unloaders and much more.

Houston 713-434-8484                                                                      Dallas 713-434-8484