Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Units

ITW/Dynatec™ offers excellent hot melt adhesive supply units for every range of production output.


The "Dynamini" is the smallest of the hot melt supply units. The Dynamini's are offered in 10 lb., 20 lb., or 48 lb. tank capacities.  They are very easy to set up, operate, and have multiple language options to choose from. All of ITW/Dynatec's hot melt units come with their patented no char "melt-on-demand" technology. These units are capable of either 120V or 240V and can be powered by either a gear or piston pump.


Dynamelt “S”

Our larger supply unit is the next generation Dynamelt S series.  With intuitive controls and a modular design that make it simple to install, operate and maintain, the Dynamelt S is the go-to choice for manufacturers worldwide. Unique design and performance features set it apart from the competition, minimizing downtime and offering greater flexibility. A few other capabilities include; up to 6 hose/heads configurations, multiple language options, piston or gear pump, as well as a variety of voltage options.  The next generation Dynamelt S defines a new standard of innovation in the industry. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Dynatec family of equipment for maximum efficiency and performance, this virtually "invisible" system will remain in sight but out of mind in your facility.


Nordson® Compatible

The ITW/Dynatec offers s a full line of hot melt units that are compatible with Nordson hoses and guns. These units are a great way to keep capital expenditures low, by only replacing the unit itself, while continuing to use existing hoses and guns. Nordson compatible hoses and guns are also available.


Wes Adhesives also carries a large variety of other ITW units which will accommodate virtually any production requirement.  If the units shown do not meet your requirements feel free to contact us and we will find a unit that will meet your specific needs.