Hot Melt Applicator Heads

BF Micro

The new BF Micro™ adhesive applicator is a smaller, core compact design that simplifies installation and maintenance. Its air open/close design provides accurate and uniform adhesive patterns and bead placement while the built-in filter helps maintain a clean nozzle orifice. This robust and accurate applicator achieves up to 8,000 cycles per minute. With a built-in heat shield cover, it reduces burns caused by handling of heated hot melt equipment. The Microbead also comes in a dual head option with pivoting modules to allow the adjustment of varying bead distances for printed mailing products. These heads are found in many case sealing/erecting applications to allow for multiple size boxes while not needing to change hot melt heads.
hot-melt-microbead-single-head hot-melt-dual

BF Mod-Plus Marathon™

The BF Mod-Plus adhesive applicator is an air-opened/air-closed, single or multi-orifice applicator assembly with an integrated filter cartridge which helps prevent obstructive flow through the nozzle orifice. It is equipped with a platinum sensor providing better temperature control over nickel sensors. The applicator also comes equipped with a screw on nozzle seat allowing for fast and easy nozzle change. The BF head comes in many different module configurations allowing up to 8 modules to mount to a single head. Wes adhesives offers repair services, replacement nozzles, modules, heaters, and RTD's for BF series and other hot melt applicators.


Alternative Applicator Heads

Alternative applicator heads come in a variety of different sizes and configurations depending on what type of application is required.  Applicator heads range from single modules with one nozzle to larger heads with multiple ports for larger application surfaces.  Other applicator heads include coating heads for laminating, swirl head capabilities and applicator heads designed for extreme high speed operations.  All ITW/Dynatec applicators are controlled by "air on/air off" modules, which provides a clean, fast shut off every time which prevents hot melt "drooling" or "stringing" issues.

hot-melt-module-2 hot-melt-modlue-3 hot-melt-module-2