Table Top Labelers

Wes Adhesives carries table top labeling units for businesses that have small jobs or don’t want a fully automated system. These units also work well as a back up to your main production units.

Cold Glue Labelers

We carry cold glue labelers that will apply labels from 1" in width to 40".  The glue sits in a pan below the roller. The amount of glue applied to the label is controlled by a doctor bade which controls glue usage. Cold glue labelers have quick one minute clean up!

schaefer-labeler scheafer-labeler-motor-operated

Hot melt labelers

Wes Adhesives supplies table top hot melt labelers with capabilities to label most size bottles.  Our labelers work well on everything from prescription bottles to five gallon pails, as well as corrugated boxes.  These units can produce up to 50 labels per minute.


Pressure sensitive labelers

If your company uses pre-gumed labels, you can still save time and increase production by having a pressure sensitive table top labeler.  We have electronic and hand crank labelers that ensure proper label location on every bottle. This ensures you never have to worry about misaligned labels on store shelves.