Cold Glue

Container Labelling

H.B. Fullers' new cold glue series LIQUILOC has arrived.  It has amazing ability to adhere a wide variety of magazine or roll fed labels within the beverage industry. Liquiloc also works on the following plastics; PET, HDPE, PP, OPP, and BOPP. Our Liquiloc line even has a cold glue that is a synthetic polymer base designed for returnable bottles. Most products in our Liquiloc line have a solids content that ranges from 43%-53%. Liquiloc's new technology has:

  • outstanding tack
  • will reduce coat weights up to 30%
  • extended shelf life
  • ice proof in 24 hours
  • bonds most difficult bottle coatings
  • secures labels accurately and permanently

In today’s world, containers come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes, labels are equally as diverse. Wes Adhesives is committed to working with you to find the best adhesive for your container and label combination.

Wood Glue

Wes Adhesives carries a wide variety of wood glues for different wood gluing applications. We carry a great basic wood glue that covers a variety of applications from doweling to face frames. Wes Adhesives also carries "Type 2" wood glues for door assembly and other exterior applications where water resistant glues are required.


Corrugated Gluing

Both hot melts and PVA cold glues have the capability of bonding corrugate. Factors that determine which formula works best in each application include; line speed, ambient temperature in plant, compression time and strength, length of flaps and size of box. If you are trying to identify a specific glue for your application, please contact us for more information.

Envelope Gum

All of our front gums, back gums and window gums are clean machining, have excellent mileage and run efficiently at high speeds.  All of our gums have fiber tear right off the line and will not thicken in the gum pan. We also carry latex (fugitive), pressure sensitive (peel and seal), as well as re-moistable gums.



Lamination is the technique of manufacturing a (single or various) material(s) in multiple layers. Many industries use lamination techniques in a variety of ways. Wes Adhesives carries laminating glue for many different applications ranging from bags to wood. We provide solvent based contacts for the wood working industry, cold glues for corrugated laminating, and hot melts for lamination in product assembly.