Epoxies & Instant Adhesives


Epoxies offer exceptional bond strength and are extremely durable throughout aging and weathering.  They are excellent at bonding similar and dissimilar substrates, and offer exceptional gap filling characteristics.  All epoxies are solvent free, very easy to work with and come in either 1 or 2 part mixing ratios. Epoxies range in their bonding capabilities, work life, viscosity, shear strength, temperature resistance, and color.  Wes Adhesives carries epoxies that work well for applications requiring bonding, potting or encapsulating.

Cyanoacrylates / Instant Adhesives

Instant Adhesives are known for bonding extremely quickly, as well as, having good resistance to temp and humidity. They form very strong, long term bonds, and are great for applications that are not feasible with long open times.  They help companies cut valuable production time and increase output.  Instant Adhesives are available in very low viscosities, similar to water and increase in viscosity all the way to gel form.  Instant Adhesives also exhibit high bond elasticity with good impact and vibration resistance. Instant adhesives are great for bonding rubber to metal, and other dissimilar substrates.

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