Glue Dots™

Glue dots work great for securing promotional items, holding gift cards and credit cards, adhering packaging labels, holding corner boards, and keeping electrical components in place. They also help keep products in place during shipping so the customer can always see the label of the product even inside of packaging. Glue dots come in varying sizes, thickness, and tackiness. Glue dots come standard in 1/2″ diameter. They can go up to 3/4″ or all the way down to a very small dots. A glue dot’s thickness is referred to as its “profile”. There are low medium and high profiles. The low profile dot will sit flush on substrates and is hardly visible. The medium profile is slightly thicker, can hold heavier objects, and is able to gap fill. The High profile is a fairly thick dot designed to hold heavier objects and is very good at gap filling.

The tackiness or, ability to stick to a substrate, of glue dots is gauged by low tack, medium tack, high tack, and super high tack. The low tack dots are easily removable and are designed for light substrates such as paper. Medium tack dots are great for products that need to stay secure in packaging during shipping, and holding credit cards and girt cards. High tack dots are great for holding heavier substrates and applications that require a fairly sturdy bond. Super high tack dots are designed to form a permanent bond and will tear paper and other substrates if removal is attempted.



Dot Shot Pro™

Glue dots can be applied by hand, but it does require some time. The Dot Shot Pro is a hand held dispenser similar to a tape dispenser that handles small glue dot jobs extremely well.



Econo Dot™

For larger jobs Glue dots has the Econo Dot, which is a table top unit that is capable of applying glue dots very quickly. These units are available for rent as well as purchase.