Hot Melt Adhesives


Wes Adhesives keeps a variety of hot melt adhesives in stock that can be used for many different applications.

We carry hot melt adhesives for:

  • case and carton sealing
  • flexible packaging labeling
  • filters
  • mattresses
  • footware
  • solar panels
  • textiles
  • paper towels
  • tissues
  • envelopes
  • counter tops
  • wood working
  • Labelling
  • And much more

Case and Carton Sealing

The world of corrugated gluing is very vast and highly dependent on the plant environment in which the adhesive is applied. With that said, our company started off selling packaging and labeling adhesives, and we are confident that we can bond product in your application. We regularly bond products in secondary packaging applications such as; case erecting, vertical and horizontal filling, top folding, case sealing, and tray forming. We understand that some of the packaged products will be subjected to freezer temperatures(0°F) or high ambient temperatures (120°F). The hot melt adhesives we stock are designed to withstand those temperature ranges.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging for the food and retail industries has driven our hot melt suppliers to develop innovative hot melts for such applications. Frozen foods need tamper evident lids, our hot melts will bond paper, foil, HIPS, PP and PET surfaces. All hot melts are FDA approved. Wes Adhesives also carries water based, solvent based, and soventless adhesives for flexible packaging.


As a book binder or printer you may be experimenting with different stocks and coating to differentiate your products in the marketplace. Our suppliers have noticed the increase in coatings and stocks and have developed hot melts to bond these substrates. We carry products for spine glue, side glue, tipping and labelling. We carry clear and pigmented hot melts. We distribute hot melt for H B Fuller and Bostik.